More than anything, this blog is just a place for me to share what’s going on with me. I’m a professional archaeologist who has worked in academic and private sector settings all over three continents. I devote my summers to volunteering with an archaeology non-profit organization, AFAR, teaching students Maya archaeology in Belize. I’m also a co-host for the Archaeology Podcast Network on the Go Dig a Hole and ArchaeoTech podcasts, and occasionally speak on the CRM Archaeology podcast. I have previously worked with the University of Louisville Sustainability Council, and was a key player in several large sustainability projects that helped gain national awards and recognition for the unique urban campus. I have published in archaeology and sustainability journals, presented at numerous conferences in both of those fields, and remain active in research on various projects.

Why Go Dig a Hole?

Short answer: because I’m an archaeologist. And that’s what I do. Dig holes. But doesn’t that old cliché go something like, “don’t be defined solely by what you do”? It’s also a philosophy; that there’s truth in the Earth and we should find it and know it. It’s the optimism that it’s possible to form explanations for the complexities of human life, but first we need to dig a hole. It’s the self reflection of looking at where we came from to understand where we’re going. It’s also an act of opposition; to dig a hole is to disrupt, to question and to seek answers for yourself. It’s creation. You have to dig a hole before you can plant a garden. But it’s also destruction. As a certain archaeologist once put it, “we’re creating nothing out of something”.  The sciences, especially archaeology, often eliminate the very source of data they study. We remove volumes of Earth to create volumes of knowledge. It’s knowing that anything rewarding in life first requires some hard work. It’s the search for balance, and the search itself. It’s my life.

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