[Podcast] Always Be Grinding

You’ve likely heard the motto, “always be grinding”, and longtime GDAH readers and listeners are familiar with many ideas on how to grind, have side hustles, keep networks warm, etc. What’s more difficult is sustaining all that grind. Can I say grind one more time? Grind.

Photo by Daniel Kwan

Daniel Kwan joins the GDAH podcast for the final episode of 2017. Over the course of this year both he and I have done a lot and been through a lot, and shared much of it on each other’s podcasts (check out Kwan’s podcast Curiosity in Focus).

Each year’s end is a time for introspection and reflection, and 2017 sure has had a lot to warrant reflection. Kwan and I discuss the big changes and moves we’ve undergone over the past year, and it’s important that he joined the podcast for the final episode of the year because we began the year by forming a friendship that has energized and sustained each other’s work through collaboration. Both of us have been very busy and, as workaholics like us will tell you, it’s often difficult to turn it off. However, if you can’t have a gratifying personal life, then what it is all for? So we touch briefly on the importance of work/life balance, and making time for your loved ones.

For Kwan, the year has brought the conclusion of his doctoral dissertation and loads of publications stemming from his research on the rise of ceramic technologies in ancient China. It has also brought a lot of work outside academia. It may surprise many to hear that Kwan’s next career path probably won’t include a hunt for tenure-track professorships. Instead, he plans to grow his newly formed business ventures in tabletop gaming, counseling, and podcasting.

For me, the year has brought an engagement to my now-fiancé, some big shifts for Go Dig a Hole like forming it into a nonprofit, big moves with Codifi, and exploring new directions in my personal and professional life.


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