[Podcast] Parks, Podcasts, and Presenting Archaeology

Happy Thanksgiving, ya bunch of Turkeys! This holiday is a time when people recite nationalist fairy tales. Take a moment to learn about the indigenous peoples of the United States, acknowledge what they’ve been through, and make space for their voices. I acknowledge the Multnomah and Chinookan people of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. They are a testament to resilience and resistance against genocide and settler colonialism in one of the largest urban centers in North America.


These things are time sensitive but if you’re reading this in time, then LET’S DO SOME DIRECT ACTION, Y’ALL!

Our National Parks are in trouble and so are we. In a nutshell:

Our Internet is also in trouble. If you enjoy free, independent podcasts like Go Dig a Hole, the proposed repeal of Net Neutrality is going to bum you out. It’s not just a despicable authoritarian power grab that limits free speech on the internet, it will dramatically decrease communication, innovation, and information while consolidating power and wealth. Millions have already spoken up about it and apparently that’s not enough to stop the FCC. Cool. Don’t let that happen. Call your representatives and demand they reject the repeal of Net Neutrality.

Assuming our internet doesn’t slide farther into the hellworld timeline, online tools are good for archaeology. I recently gave a paper at the annual Chacmool conference on this and there, I focused on the teaching aspects of using podcasts, blogs, and social media for archaeology. So, I’ll share some of that here as well as relate it to students and professionals.

Stay tuned for a deep dive into this subject with an upcoming publication, but this episode is just a brief solo discussion on podcasts, blogs, and social media, and their usefulness in communicating archaeology.


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