[Podcast] Healthcare, Taxes, and Rape Culture

Archaeologists face three major threats to their livelihoods and career development – access to healthcare, managing taxes, and fighting rape culture.

“Just as white people have to be the ones to fight racism, men need to be the ones to fight sexism” – Dawn Howard

OK, before you do anything else with your day, log onto www.healthcare.gov (or your local health exchange, if it still exists) and follow along! OPEN ENROLLMENT BEGINS NOVEMBER 1 AND ENDS ON DECEMBER 15. The site will be down for “routine maintenance” on Sundays so, as this episode’s guest says “if this is a weekend thing for you, it’s a Saturday thing for you”. Check Facebook for any local enrollment events near you if you want some real-time guidance on the process.

Dawn Howard, CPA joins this episode of the Go Dig a Hole to discuss the importance of getting healthcare and taxes right, and to talk about fighting sexual assault and sexual harassment.

The fight against sexism has received increasing attention in archaeology (and academia at large) in recent years. Some really important conversations came out in the wake of the “Me Too” movement. For anyone unfamiliar, “Me Too” was a trending status on Facebook in which women who had been victims of sexual assault or sexual harassment posted “me too” as their status, sometimes followed by varying levels of soul-baring describing the incidents. Here’s the takeaway – men have some real work to do. This is has to entail calling out sexism in the moment, as it happens. Crude jokes, slurs, inappropriate contact, all of it. Stamp. It. Out.

Healthcare is a fundamental human right (or at least it should be), and you shouldn’t have to choose between your career and being healthy, yet millions of Americans make enormous sacrifices just to gain access to healthcare, let alone afford it.

Taxes are handmaiden to healthcare, and the way we do taxes is shaped directly by how we work. As a CRM archaeologist, I’ve often found more in common with freelancers in the creative fields than I with other scientists, because employment tends to be contract-to-contract and the option to be hired onto a project as a 1099 contractor is often available.

So here are some questions Howard addresses in this episode:

In short, Howard has all the advice I wish I knew a decade ago. Please, people, share this with your friends, family, classmates, coworkers, teachers, students, whatever. Get healthcare coverage and don’t screw yourself over on taxes.




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