[Podcast] International Podcast Day


I’m releasing this week’s segment a little late to coincide with International Podcast Day. Here’s a perspective on Go Dig a Hole within the context of podcasting and digital media.

The Go Dig a Hole podcast is a little over two years old now, and it’s gone through some changes and growing pains along the way. The first few episodes didn’t have the best recording equipment and I was still scaling a steep learning curve for editing the audio tracks. I’ve shed a co-host or two and a whole podcast network, but I feel like the podcast has finally hit its stride, and I have the listeners, guests, and supporters to thank for that.

The Go Dig a Hole Patreon campaign is gaining supporters; the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are gaining followers; the podcast is now recording from a really amazing studio in Portland; and the public archaeology mission is taking off with speaking engagements, conference presentations, and field trips booked as extensions of GDAH.

I have some great podcasts lined up for the next few episodes, so you can look forward to discussions on ancient Chinese archaeology and cultural representation in mass media; a defense of “screw-ups”, politics and healthcare, and financial planning; and colonial archaeology and looting.

I’m taking solo submissions to the following topics:

Record it yourself and submit your wav file segments to this Dropbox link. They can be anonymous if you prefer. Once I get enough submissions, I’ll put them together for a diversity of perspectives on what a career in archaeology actually looks and feels like. There’s been a plethora of unrealistic ideas of what constitutes a “career” when you have to cobble together multiple contracts from multiple companies across multiple states. Let’s ground truth it, shall we?

This is also a great day to take a moment to give some love to my favorite podcasters and podcasts:

Give them a listen, and if you’re inclined to support them on Patreon, many of them have fundraising campaigns.



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