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Episode 33 – Locating Archaeology w/ Colin Omilanowski

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Where does archaeology belong? Colin Omilanowski is back to discuss why archaeology is sometimes aligned more with history, rather than anthropology, and why archaeology is sometimes in its own place.

I try to give a brief history of the intellectual traditions that shaped archaeology since its origins without giving into the rant too much and spinning out of control. I highlight archaeology’s roots in imperialism and racism, the critical social theory that stemmed from Marxism and feminism that shaped radical change in the mid twentieth century, and the discipline’s pivot in recent decades to contemporary and future applications.

Omilanowski highlights archaeology’s relevance to present situations by relating a couple examples from archaeology that bear strong echoes in current events.

We also talk about what the “millennials are killing everything” trope says about society from an archaeological perspective, and briefly talk about the impacts Hurricane Harvey will have on our society.

Closing this episode, Omilanowski recounts his summer in the field, from Portugal and Romania. I also recount what I’ve been up to with Codifi, including a recent trip to Hawaii to assist with an excavation project.


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