Blazing New Trails

Longtime followers of the Go Dig a Hole podcast likely know the show had a good run on the Archaeology Podcast Network for a couple years, with a little hiatus in the middle. I’m excited to announce the podcast is now independent, listener-supported, and exploring new directions in partnering with public archaeology programs.

The podcast originally started as a companion to this blog, to provide expanded content to long-format posts about various issues in archaeology (particularly the ongoing Undergrad Guides series). Early on, I adopted a core mission with several goals:

These goals still stand. But what I’ve found personally and professionally, and while exploring this mission with other archaeologists, is that archaeology never takes a linear career path. So that realization has a profound effect on my efforts to provide a “roadmap” to archaeological careers, but it also means there are so many more avenues to explore and interesting conversations to have with other people who’ve carved their way through this fascinating field. This also means I can think outside the box and find relevant advice and inspiration from other fields. As a guest on the Curiosity in Focus podcast, I mentioned that I don’t feel the same loyalty to archaeology that I see my colleagues displaying. As a CRM archaeologist, I tended to find more similarities with freelance creatives (designers, writers, etc.) in trying to assemble a “career” from a contract-based profession. This is fitting, though, because archaeology as an overarching discipline draws so heavily from other fields. Even my own trajectory has taken on various roles from outside archaeology, to the point now where I find myself working full-time as a data engineer and developer, yet feel more in tune with archaeology than ever.

Other expanded avenues for Go Dig a Hole will soon include education and public outreach as I work with some amazing non-profits.

These new directions also mean a return to the start in a sense. Consolidating all things Go Dig a Hole means intensifying the blog – something I’ve wanted to do all along, but had to put on ice when I was more active on other podcasts.

As always, I welcome feedback, questions, and suggestions, so get in touch below.



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