Archaeology Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Social media are excellent vehicles for public outreach in archaeology. Instagram offers a visual step inside the lives and work of archaeologists. Some are totally serious, some are totally joking, some show their personal lives outside the field.


Mine, duh (@godigahole)

A photo posted by Go Dig A Hole (@godigahole) on

Virtual Curation Laboratory (@virtualcurationlab)

A photo posted by VCL (@virtualcurationlab) on

Dig at James Madison’s Montpelier (@montpelier_arch)

A photo posted by Dig at Montpelier! (@montpelier_arch) on

Anthroprobably (@anthroprobably)

A photo posted by Anthroprobably ™ (@anthroprobably) on

Mirador Basin Project (@miradorbasinproject)

A photo posted by Troy Smith w/Dr Richard Hansen (@miradorbasinproject) on

John Lowe (@archaeocore)

A photo posted by John Lowe (@archaeocore) on

Archaeoventurers (@archaeoventurers)

A photo posted by Justine Benanty & AV Community (@archaeoventurers) on

Rose Williams (@archaeoprehistorica)

A photo posted by Rose Williams (@archaeoprehistorica) on

Digventures (@digventures)

A photo posted by DigVentures (@digventures) on

Fieldwork Fashion (@fieldwerk_fashion)

A photo posted by Fieldwork Fashion (@fieldwerk_fashion) on



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  1. Hi, I just discovered your blog this week and I’m completely in love. I’m from Brazil and my dream job is to be a Archaelogisty, but here we have some few colleges with the course and is so restrict. I’m now a student of Library Science, but with this dream. Keep doing this, is so cool!

    • Christopher says:

      Thank you so much for reading the blog! There is a lot of overlap between library sciences and archaeology – especially with managing data archives and in museum studies. So there might be a way to bring your passion for archaeology into your training in library sciences!

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