We’re happy to announce the launch of our new podcast series, Go Dig a Hole: Your Archaeology Toolkit, on the Archaeology Podcast Network. Every other Thursday, we’ll roll out a new episode that you can stream from the APN website, and you can subscribe for free on iTunes or Stitcher Radio. Our friends in Louisville post-rock band, Karass, were also kind enough to give us permission to use their song, “What Does God Need With a Starship?” in our show intro/outro. Check out their work, and if you happen to be lucky enough to catch one of their shows, go get your mind blown.

We’re coming to this podcast with pretty much the same goals as our “Undergrad Guides” series: to bring useful information and advice about early careers in archaeology to undergrads or folks just starting out with archaeology jobs.

A whole slew of great, talented archaeologists have already confirmed to speak as guests on the show, and we’re really pumped to have them and the perspectives they’ll bring. Some of the topics we’ll cover in upcoming episodes will be:

But what we REALLY want to base the show around is what you want to know. If you have any big questions, comments, or concerns related to an early career in archaeology, send them to us! We can discuss your message with one of our many panelists, and get an informed answer that perhaps isn’t available to you.

So email us that question you’ve been dying to ask about the field to either andee@godigahole.com or christopher@godigahole.com — or, you can tweet Chris on his twitter handle: @GoDigaHole. We promise to read every email, and your question could be featured on the show, because chances are, there are a lot of others who are thinking the same thing.

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  1. dc says:

    I am keen to listen to these podcasts.

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