A Guide for Undergraduates in Archaeology

Have you declared your major in archaeology and have more questions than answers? Are the only archaeologists you know the intimidating professors with three or more degrees than you? Yep, I was that business major-turned-anthropology-sophomore, and my dad’s constant Facebook posts about “Top 5 Unemployable Majors” with anthropology at the tippy-top wasn’t making me feel all-too-good about the decision.

Fast-forward through the blinding rush of finals, friends, and being a college athlete: now I have a degree AND a job in CRM archaeology. Although I am incredibly happy and fulfilled with the path my four years of undergraduate school took me, I can already look back and see that some paths might have been easier, or more productive than others. I’m hoping to create a resource on our blog to help undergraduate students studying archaeology on some of the common questions pondered upon (but maybe never asked!) before the cap and gown ceremony. This “Undergrad Guides” section of Go Dig a Hole will help you create a road map on the things you need to do by the time you graduate.

This Guide for Undergraduates will be written by me (Andee), a person who very recently graduated, and is by no means an “expert” in the field, but I am still getting my questions  about career paths in archaeology answered. However, I am lucky enough to have a lot of great people and resources around me, that I am hoping these posts will benefit others, too. As I went to a college in the States, my posts will mostly apply to other archaeology students attending schools in the States. These posts will also be written by Christopher, the other half of Go Dig a Hole, who has 6 years of CRM experience, 6 overseas field seasons and a Master’s degree. Together, along with our co-workers and friends we have met along the way, I hope we can give students the advice and answers they need to be as successful as possible in such a competitive job market.

Look out for our first “Undergrad Guides” post soon!

Undergrad Guides


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  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Chris and Andee!

    I recently begun to read you’re blog and it’s very interesting. I am a recent graduate with a little bit of CRM experience and I have some questions about jobs that you guys have worked, specifically on ones outside of the US. Would you be able to e-mail me and answer some questions I have?

    Thank you!


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